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Unlimited potential, limited resources.

Studies show that customers with chronic illness can benefit greatly from optimized diet and lifestyle recommendations.1 While nutrigenetic testing offers these insights, pharmacists face barriers to expanding services.

Barriers to offering nutrition services in pharmacies:

Partner with nutrition experts to transform outcomes Our precision nutrition program helps your customers to improve their chronic condition by delivering actionable nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. These DNA-based insights can also increase your pharmacy’s revenue by generating potential supplement sales. Each precision nutrition test includes a consultation with a registered dietitian nutritionist, so your customers can understand their results and take ownership of their health. Our nutrition experts work with one another to develop a sustainable plan that helps prevent food and dietary supplement interactions with medication. Our registered dietitian nutritionists identify your customer’s nutrition gaps, so you can confidently offer the dietary supplements most likely to improve their health.

The power of precision nutrition

BASE10 brings a gene-based approach to weight loss and chronic disease management into your pharmacy. Our precision nutrition program delivers insights for diet and lifestyle interventions, so you can better help your customers safely manage chronic disease.

A comprehensive approach to Precision Nutrition

BASE10’s dietitians support participants’ needs based on personal, physical, and psychological factors that influence nutritional behavior. Unlike fad diets, we uncover each individual’s predispositions towards diet choices, nutritional needs, and how they metabolize various foods. Customers purchase a BASE10 test from your pharmacy. They register their kit online through our user-friendly website and receive a welcome email. Participants send their samples for laboratory testing. A dedicated registered dietitian nutritionist onboards participants during a 30-minute consultation to thoroughly explain and connect them to their genetic results. A dedicated registered dietitian nutritionist onboards participants Our high-touch clinical team engages participants on food and exercise regimens to help them achieve their goals. We offer unlimited two-way communication to support lifestyle changes and nutritional guidance. Participants work directly with a registered dietitian nutritionist who uses behavioral coaching to foster disease prevention and health promotion across the lifespan.

Evidence-based results

BASE10 conducted a 3-month pilot program to assess and quantify the effects of our Precision Nutrition Program on overall wellness. Not only did participants make meaningful changes to their health starting in the first month, but some even also reached their outcomes early. View our case study Read success story Read success story Get Started

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