Because Health is Personal

BASE10 Precision Medicine provides individuals with a one of a kind, genetics based, medication and health management program.

BASE10 is committed to achieving a happier, healthier, more productive world through access to quality precision medicine.

Our goal is to help people reach optimal health and minimize healthcare costs using actionable genetics-based programs in a personalized engagement platform.


A road map to optimal health is delivered with a personalized genetic report and actionable disease prevention and management.

Employers & Payors

Positive direct and indirect outcomes with measurable cost savings through improved employee medication management, wellness, and productivity.


High collaboration, clear recommendations, and valid, actionable, genetic data for proactive, precise, and personal patient care.


The relentless pursuit of a health and wellness culture. A better healthcare economy for the society in which we live – one person at a time.

How We Can Help

Our mission is to guide people to optimal health and minimize workplace healthcare costs for self-insured businesses. We focus on improving the following health and productivity indicators:

Weight Management


Help Manage Blood Pressure

Help Manage Blood Sugar

Fewer Hospitalizations

Optimized Fitness

Stress Management

Boost Morale

About Us

A Better Way: Precise & Data Driven

In place of the traditional vague, one-size fits all approach to healthcare, we utilize precision medicine and big-data to achieve improved health and financial outcomes.

Data-Driven Cohort Targeting

Advanced DNA Technology

Medical Grade, Actionable Data

Personal, High-Touch Clinical Engagement

Our Solution Enterprise

Health Care Cost Drivers

Buisness health benefit spend is at an all time high of $15K per diabetic person. The direct and indirect cost of chronic disease, and medication complexity, are major contributors to this expense. Cookie cutter health programs are not producing tangible financial and health ROI. Employers have very limited options when it come to precise, participatory, personalized, and proactive tools to effectively manage the exploding costs of their health care benefits.

higher medical spending for obese individuals
above average on medical expenditures for people with diabetes
of Drug related ER visits are preventable

Our Process

We stay with each participant from beginning to end. Our process begins with your genes and ends with your results.


One Easy Genetic Test

Each participant receives a buccal swab kit. The participant swabs the inside of their cheek and sends it to our lab to be processed.


Two Powerful Technologies

Multiple genomic information is extracted from one DNA analysis and placed into the employee’s secure digital account.


A High-Touch Clinical Engagement

Our dedicated team of dietitians, physicians and pharmacists put the data to use and help employees achieve their health goals


Committed, Quantifiable Outcomes

Our commitment is to improve employee health and productivity while minimizing healthcare expenditures and bad outcomes.

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