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For immediate concerns, you may reach our customer and sales support at +1 (866) 710 1018 or email us at +1 (866) 710 1018 +1 (866) 710 1018 Patient Portal Pharmacists Login LTC Administrators/Providers More on Clinical Decision Algorithms Medical/Healthcare Facilities About Us PlexusDX Resources Medical/Healthcare Facilities More on Clinical Decision Algorithms About Us PlexusDX Resources Contact Us Contact Us Scroll down for more information Nursing home communities have suffered some of the worst effects of COVID-19. This pandemic has exacerbated issues that nursing homes face when it comes to infection control and regulatory compliance. Commonly used disease tracking solutions are simply insufficient in the context of pandemic, making COVID-19 patients management difficult to impossible. Such a fragmented approach to disease monitoring, testing, and reporting is also time intensive. This takes precious resources away from patient care and leads to the accumulation of regulatory citations. BASE10 solution complements PointClickCare Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) by providing clinical decision algorithms for nursing homes.

Bringing operational relief to nursing homes to better fight COVID-19

BASE10 was created by medical professionals to support the frontline workers who protect our most vulnerable populations. When infection prevention personnel spend less time documenting information manually, they have more time to do what they do best: fight infections. That is why in 2020 we introduced BASE10 Infection Control, an end-to-end program designed to curb infection rates in nursing homes. Today, hundreds of our users report being able to focus more resources on their patients.

One software for all your infection control filings

Automated Clarity Centralized Tracking BASE10  laboratory support software centralizes COVID-related operations. Aggregated data reports offer early, actionable intelligence, providing infection prevention teams with real-time clarity. Our tools are designed to alleviate the operational burden to reduce risk of COVID-19 in nursing homes.

Automated dashboard

Understand how COVID-19 spreads in your communities and quickly identify trends so you know where to focus your efforts.

Mobile alert system

We send text alerts to admins to track cases and improve response time. Learn how we can help All the most important features at your fingertips Read about it here

How we’ve helped others

Since the early days of the pandemic, BASE10 has become an invaluable ally to skilled nursing facilities around the US, helping them navigate the increasing number of regulatory requirements and confusing choice of tests. Time-consuming and complex reporting stretched their frustrated staff thin. As COVID-19 cases rose, costly regulatory citations rose along with them. Those communities needed a centralized and comprehensive solution they could easily and rapidly implement. Our Infection Control program has helped them reclaim time, energy and resources so they could focus on providing the highest standard of care for their patients.

After adopting BASE10 Infection Control, our customers:

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